A compact yet powerful blender for smoothies that pack a punch

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I tread a tricky path when it comes to supposedly healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies. On the one hand, I acquired an on/off habit of drinking blended green gloop – half vegetable, half “super fruits” – in California when researching a feature there on anti-ageing, and always feel and look better when I’m on this hideous gunge. On the other hand, I see red when I read some of the pseudo-scientific guff about the benefits of smoothies, and I think use of the word “detoxing” should be controlled by law.


Why then, you might ask, am I featuring this bullet-shaped mini-blender, which, although it’s been available in the US since 2008, is currently taking the kitchens of Notting Hill and its fashionable environs by storm. Because it’s a piece of design genius – the best, most convenient, most ergonomic and least messy blender I’ve ever seen. You can fill it with fruit and veg, blend, glug down and wash up in 60 seconds flat. With its powerful – madly powerful for the machine’s size, actually – 20,000rpm motor it makes a fearful racket, but it’s a purposeful one. So while I hate to be part of the hype, the NutriBullet is the best, most satisfying way I’ve found for feeding my smoothie habit. Ever.

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