Goldmund Apologue Anniversary

Out-of-this-world speakers with built-in amplifiers and astonishing sound

Über-luxe Swiss hifi brand Goldmund is not well known, even in the upper reaches of high-end audio. Perhaps it’s the James Bond‑esque name, which actually comes from a Hermann Hesse novel. It is most popular in Asia and LA, where big, fearsomely loud systems are favoured, but it has never broken through elsewhere as a hot, luxury consumer brand.


Goldmund’s presence in the UK is non-existent, which is why the company took me to its small factory outside Geneva to see these, its Apologue Anniversary speakers with built-in amplifiers. They weigh 390kg each and look like manic robots, but hearing them was one of the more emotional hifi experiences I’ve had – and I’ve heard plenty of equally costly systems. Whether blastingly loud or simperingly quiet, the sound was pretty remarkable.


Goldmund is not an easy world to enter and you could end up spending £500,000 after adding suitable music sources and accessories. And while some hifi aficionados may still be sceptical about such an investment, I do recommend going to Geneva to listen yourself.

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