Philips Fidelio L1

Philips’ new headphones may start as a holiday romance, but you’ll want to commit

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Philips used to be something of a bland brand. But these smart (and ever-so-slightly retro) headphones, the Fidelio L1 model, are yet another of the many signs that its designers are now as edgy as any. Well, edgy in a sensible, Dutch way, at least.


The L1s are Philips’ classy riposte to the craze for over-the-ears headphones with processed sound. They provide a more quality, natural sound, are supremely comfortable and nicely made, with the Philips branding, significantly, I say, so muted as to be non-existent.


You may find the L1s a bit flat at first. But after a while you’ll start to appreciate the lack of gimmickry. They were designed to be honest with the sound provided – which if deficient, will sound it. So take these on holiday and I suspect you’ll want to turn a vacation fling into something more long term. By the way, trendy Philips stylist guys, I love the mad, retro-ish, radio-ham-like twirly thing you’ve done with the wiring.