Kindle Touch

The technology’s first-rate – if only the design was, too, for the sun-lovers’ tablet

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I am unabashedly in lurve with the Kindle eBook ecosystem. The way my Kindle books sync faultlessly and globally between my iPhone, two iPads and a Kindle is uncanny, inimitable and utterly brilliant.

I still slightly prefer reading Kindle books on an iPad to a Kindle device; however, that may change when we finally see the colour, backlit Kindle Fire tablet in Europe. For now, what we do have is the new Kindle Touch. Its daytime-readable screen is, like its predecessor’s, essential if you want to peruse your Kindle books poolside or on the beach without becoming one of those desperate iPad-ers with a towel over their head to shield the daylight.


The Touch works as advertised; by stroking the screen with a finger, you can change pages, which on the non-touch version requires a button press. However, the page change is still a tad clumsy and only achieved with a little flash, which slightly disturbs me, but the rest of the world seems not to mind at all.

Ideally, you need both a Kindle Touch and an iPad. And remember, they sync faultlessly to one another, so you’ll never lose your page.