A beautiful phone looking to take a bite out of Apple’s market

Image: Hugh Threlfall

As we will almost certainly see “officially” when the iPhone 5 is released not long from now, big is the new small in phones. The 2012 look is large, slim, light and flat, but with a winsome little curve so it nestles in your hand, albeit while protruding well over the sides of smaller paws.

This is the HTC One X, one of the top two warm-ups, you might say, for the iPhone 5 – the other being the Samsung Galaxy S3, which I have reviewed on Technopolis TV as, on balance, it’s probably the closest we’ll get to a preview of the Apple phone.


But while Apple’s imminent model and the Galaxy compete for gold (sorry, getting quite into this Olympic thing), the HTC is my choice for bronze, or even silver. The spacious 4.7in screen makes it larger than almost any other phone bar the Galaxy (4.8in), but it is also very slim, at 8.9mm, and weighs just 130g, 10 less than the iPhone 4S. With the latest, actually not-bad version of Android – the annoyingly named Ice Cream Sandwich – the One X is a beautiful phone. Especially if you don’t do Apple.

From about £450 sim-free in white or grey. See


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