High Octane Ride

An ultra-high-intensity exercise bike for time-efficient office workouts

Image: Hugh Threlfall

There has been much respectable research on how short periods of ultra‑high-intensity exercise can bring about measurable benefits in cardiovascular health and fat loss. And this offering, from City-based High Octane Ride, is to be taken seriously; as I write, it is being trialled by several big financial-sector companies as an in-office benefit.

High Octane Ride is based around a high-specification, internet-connected stationary bike with superb custom software. Designed for office use, it comes in a stylish privacy pod. The company claims that three 10-minute sessions per week, which can be done without changing into gym kit or even breaking a sweat, can demonstrably achieve the same results as four 45-minute jogs per week – ie, a 15 per cent improvement in fitness and 25 per cent improvement in insulin sensitivity (less insulin equating to less fat and lowered risk of diabetes).

The test session I did was by no means easy, even though the really intense spinning takes up just 40 seconds of the 10 minutes. But the technology ecosystem is superb and the science seems sound. Well worth investigating. Watch this space for a review of the home version, coming to market imminently.


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