Nike+ FuelBand

A beautifully designed (and relentless) wristband to make you keep fit

On Technopolis TV recently I featured a device called the Fitbit, which tracks your physical activity throughout the day. I loved it. Unfortunately, I lost it after two weeks. The Fitbit’s one flaw, I reckon, is that it’s near impossible for the average busy person not to lose, especially during exercise.


Not so this rival device from Nike, which is almost unlosable, since it’s a wrist bangle and is beautifully designed and made in a fine rubbery finish. I also found it better for the soul, in that the “calories burned” figure it calculates is consistently lower than the Fitbit’s.


Here’s a first for this page, then; although in some ways it’s better, overall, I couldn’t wait to get the Nike+ FuelBand out of my life. I didn’t like its functionality, the pushy, invasive way it takes over your computer, the constant image-heavy, culty Nike ethos and the lack of intelligent, grown-up explanation for what it does; even after seeing the online video, I’ve no idea what Nike’s calorie equivalent – NikeFuel – means. The FuelBand also lacks the Fitbit’s altimeter, which knows and factors in when you’re climbing stairs or a slope. But don’t let me prejudice you; it’s a decent product you may love. Not for moi, though.

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