Meridian Sound System for Range Rover Evoque

A superior hi-fi system – free with your new motor

It’s not my habit to tell you about bargains, but this British-designed and -built Meridian 11-speaker, 380-watt hi-fi system for free may well be of interest. Inevitably, there’s a catch: you need to buy a Range Rover Evoque – the one that looks like a normal Range Rover that’s been sat on by several elephants – to take advantage of the deal. And they run from £27,995 to a shade under £40,000.


On the other hand, there are many spending similar on a Meridian, so another way of looking at this is as a Meridian with a free Evoque thrown in. I’m not wholly joking, either. These systems sound almost as good as top-notch hi-fi, which makes long journeys and being held up in traffic a joy.


Yet even such refined cars are a horrible place for audio. Window glass is acoustically difficult, everyone is sitting askew and road noise adds more awkwardness. Meridian has given thought to all of the above, creating a real home-audio effect. With digital filtering, it has ensured that noise in the cabin is digitally cancelled rather than drowned out.

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