Advanced Brain Monitoring Night Shift

This “sleep positioner” helps snorers and sleep-apnoea sufferers

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Snoring and sleep apnoea are a complicated business, and there are many competing remedies around. There seems to be no question that, at best, snoring ruins your sleep and other people’s; at worst, when it is full-on apnoea, it can cause subtle deterioration in your brain function and even shorten life.


This “sleep positioner” from small, respectable, California company Advanced Brain Monitoring seeks to help mild-to-moderate sleep-apnoea sufferers self-correct their sleeping position. It gives a gentle but gradually increasing vibrating warning as soon as you assume the offending supine position, encouraging you to move onto your side or front. The Night Shift also monitors snoring with its microphone, so when you connect the device to a web portal your sleep is illuminatingly analysed.


The Night Shift is well designed to go round your neck, with a clever magnetic clasp. I’ve certainly found I’ve been sleeping much better while using it. The UK supplier, GDS Medtech, requires a medical professional’s note before selling it.