Arcam MiniBlink

A tiny, travel-friendly Bluetooth adaptor for wireless music transfer

Image: Hugh Threlfall

More and more good hotels have a decent sound system in the rooms – and some don’t. One on Park Lane, where an American friend was staying recently, still has shockingly antiquated Bose docks that only fit ancient iPhones. Useless. But many hotels have realised how delightful it is for guests to be able to fill their room with music. One of my best-ever hotel moments was in remotest Queensland where, as I entered my room – a wood and glass cabin overlooking a crocodile-filled creek – a really nice Bose system was playing Karl Jenkins’ Adiemus. Cheesy? Yes. Emotional? Not half. Especially when I’d flown over the red landscape in a light aircraft for an hour to get there.


Using a hotel sound system, or that in a rented villa, to play your own music from your phone, tablet or computer can be tricky, though. Not all setups have Bluetooth, especially the older ones. Carrying this minuscule Bluetooth adaptor, the MiniBlink from high‑end British hifi maker Arcam, solves that issue for good. At 40g you can slip its pebble-like form into a suitcase, compromising neither space nor weight, and it works superbly. The MiniBlink uses Bluetooth aptX and a 24-bit DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) that Arcam has somehow secreted away in there to get the very best out of a wireless transfer of music. A travel must for music lovers.

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