MetaWatch Meta M1

A masculine-looking no-nonsense smartwatch from the creator of Vertu

Image: Hugh Threlfall

It’s anyone’s guess when Apple will release its first venture into wearable technology – the Apple Watch; the promised date of “early 2015” could mean anything up to May. So if you want to steal a march on Apple Watch buyers and get something into a chap’s Christmas stocking that’s not only exceptionally eye-catching and beautifully made, but could have significant advantages over the Apple product, consider this smartwatch from US company Meta.


If there’s something that seems hauntingly familiar about the Meta M1’s muscular but luxurious look, you’re onto something – it’s designed by Frank Nuovo, who co-founded Vertu and was the brand’s designer until 2012. Nuovo’s industrial-design genius is behind the unusual hinged strap that attaches to the middle of the watch’s body, which makes it quite mobile and feels terrific on the wrist.


And the advantages over the incoming Apple offering? Principally, that it’s more basic, serving to your wrist exactly what you need from your iPhone or Android – the time, notifications of emails, texts and missed calls, the weather and a calendar – and no more. Plus the screen is monochrome and non-touch, meaning one charge lasts far more than a scant day. So rather than adapt your life to fit an Apple Watch into it, as I fear may be necessary,  why not allow this elegant – and immediately available – smartwatch to steal your heart; it will continue to look rare and interesting long after everyone is used to the Apple.

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