Philips M120E In.Sight HD home monitor

An impressive device for keeping remote tabs on your home

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I’ve looked at a few remote video monitors in this column over the years but this latest, the M120E from Philips, is the most impressive to date – even if it has creepy potential. It’s weird enough that with all such cameras you can, even just out of geeky curiosity, check up on staff or a babysitter from afar. With the M120E, however, you can both hear what’s being said in the vicinity of the camera or cameras dotted around your home – and talk back. What you would actually say to a burglar in such circumstances is something to think about.


But allowing you to chat to your intruder (or to the nice person who’s come to feed your cat) is just one of this camera’s excellent features. You can also set it, with the requisite iPhone/Android app on your phone or tablet, to alert you when motion or sound is detected in your property. Yes, we’ve seen such features before but they are often notoriously cranky, whereas this one is much better behaved. The M120E’s other commendable abilities? The lens has a much wider angle than usual and you can adjust it to give a wider view still; the video quality is sharp – claimed to be HD, which is a variable feast indeed, but the pictures do look very clear; and it can be set to record to a provided cloud and viewed at your leisure.

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