Atomic Floyd SuperDarts Titanium

A lightweight edition of the original headphones with even better sound

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I have been banging on for a while about British outfit Atomic Floyd’s powerful, gutsy SuperDarts headphones. And in spite of a couple of sniffy reviews by hifi websites suggesting they process the sound to make it more “yoof”, my desire to bang on is undiminished and the general consensus of reviewers remains on my side.


So just in time for Christmas, we have this upgraded SuperDarts Titanium edition. They are made of pure titanium, rather than being a mere respray, and consequently are 30 per cent lighter than the originals – important, as a lot of people loved the sound but not the weight. Atomic Floyd has also retuned the audio and made the cable and earbuds black instead of the brand’s trademark red. Why? Because audio firm Beats has since adopted red for its own phenomenally successful brand. But the result is that this toned-down model looks more sophisticated than its predecessors.


The Titanium edition headphones sound, if possible, even better than the previous model – and I finally had the opportunity to ask whether there was a nifty chip or two in the body to enhance the sound electronically. The answer, from brand founder James Strong, was no. The secret, it seems, is in the lighter, bigger acoustic chamber in each ear, which allows the big driver unit more space to move. Fair enough. It’s a marvellous product and a superb present for anyone who loves their music hard and fast.

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