Technogym Recline Personal

An exercise bike that’s wired up to all your office needs

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Is it possible to exercise while working? Well, it seems you can with this natty new Antonio Citterio-designed in-office internet-connected exercise bike, the Recline Personal.


A bit like a walk-in, sit-on iMac to look at, it has an integrated display with a touch screen and applications giving access to email, company intranet, the broader web and, of course, a range of 23 training programmes. The Recline Personal also allows you to watch TV and dock with iPod and iPhone, although you can’t make or take calls, which is a shame, as it would be useful to be able to talk while you puff and pant. In iPod mode, though, you get an excellent interface, with big controls suitable for sweaty fingers. The speakers – not bad sounding – are built into the seats.


A word to the wise: don’t expect miracles from the Recline Personal’s computer. Although I couldn’t work out what operating system it runs, I can tell you that it’s pretty quirky and really rather slow.

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