Dynaudio Xeo 6

Ultra-hip wireless speaker system

Proper hifi, any audiophile will tell you, is a mess. Boxes, ugly speaker leads and interconnects that ruin any interior decor are essential proof that you are serious about your music. At least, that was the case until a potent cooperation between Danes and Germans brought about Dynaudio in the 1970s, combining technical excellence with aesthetic flair.


These remarkable new Dynaudio Xeo 6 wireless speakers with built-in amplifiers offer a superb listening experience with barely a wire to be seen. The sound is light and transparent, but with a muscular yet refined bass that surprises every time. They plug into the mains but get their music wirelessly from a discreet black hub. This, in turn, can be fed from a variety of wired sources, or you could buy a good Bluetooth receiver to go fully wireless. The cabinets are substantial but not overpoweringly big (85.4cm x 24.6cm x 17cm) and both setup and use are ridiculously simple. Bliss.

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