Yamaha THR10 guitar amplifier

Jam to your heart’s content with this supercool Yamaha amp

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I was once a roadie for a school band called Patent Steam. I used to go along to the practice sessions, but I was behind the rest of the guys in our Bert Weedon studies, so was never allowed near a guitar. One evening, however, one of the group was late to the rehearsal studio, aka my friend Dave’s dad’s garage, so I was allowed to play rhythm guitar. I was good, too. So good that when we had finished a series of tracks, followed by an exuberant jam session, Dave, who was Patent Steam’s alpha male John Lennon figure, said that next time he might consider actually plugging my guitar in. Without realising, I had been playing silently. It was not a highlight of my adolescence.


Now, if I’d had this supercool new Yamaha practice amp I could have at least gone home and serenaded the cat with the chord sequence for Chicago’s I’m A Man, which was the Steam’s flagship track.


The THR10 doesn’t just look good, it also produces all the sounds and variations thereon that you would hope for, but in a portable amp that can be used away from the mains. Heaps o’ functions. Great sound. Groovy.

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