Kingston Wi-Drive

This slim, convenient device makes transferring content to tablets a cinch

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Transferring content – in document, video or photo form – to a tablet is a headache. The iPad needs a computer or iCloud connection, and the latter only works with documents created on Apple’s iWork software. The fine Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 similarly doesn’t have anything as simple as a port for a USB stick or an SD card to plug in. Additionally, the complex Android tablet software makes it a hoo-ha to move stuff on to the Tab, especially from a Mac. Among high-end tablets, the excellent new Sony Tablet is unusual in having a user-friendly SD card slot so you can just stick content into the machine and view it.


Cue this slim, convenient device from Kingston, the Wi-Drive, a super-convenient extra lump of storage, principally for iPad and Apple devices, with possible extension to Android in the future. Drag and drop a bunch o’ stuff from your Mac or PC on to the Wi-Drive, keep it about your person and up to three iPads/Phones/Pods can download or view the content via wi-fi for the four hours the Wi-Drive’s battery lasts. There are similar things about, which I will look at in the future, but this is nice and early out of the traps.