Sopisticated encryption is the key to this simple device

Now this is something, at least if your work life is centred on a desktop computer at your office rather than a laptop. The iTwin is a tiny device like a USB stick with two ends. It splits in the middle, whereupon you plug one end into your desktop (PC or Mac) and carry the other end around with you. Wherever you then find yourself in the world, you can plug the portable end of your iTwin into any internet-connected computer of either type and gain full, secure access to your office machine.


There’s no actual data carried on either end of the iTwin, and no data or capacity limits, so if you are on the other side of the world and want to view a huge video file, there’s no problem. And although it’s an outstandingly simple system to use, with no subscription charges or other complications, the security is extremely sophisticated – more so, says the maker, than Cloud storage. Only the two halves of the iTwin know the key to speak to one another, and they generate a new key each time you pair them. Also, if you lose one half of the iTwin, you can remotely disable the connection between the two halves to avoid bad people accessing your computer.