Sennheiser wireless listening system

The device that could mean peace at Christmas

Image: Hugh Threlfall

The coming Christmas break means many things, but in my experience, chief among these is the opportunity for all the generations of the family to get together, reconnect and argue about the TV volume. I haven’t done any empirical research on this, but I have a hunch that the oldest and deafest usually wins out in these turn-it-up-turn-it-down intergenerational battles, leaving the younger family members to suffer skull-vibrating volume levels.


Well, thanks to this fine German gadget, all but the very deaf can now hear the TV clearly without blowing younger listeners’ heads off. The Sennheiser Set 900 is an infrared transmitter/receiver combo that wirelessly transmits full-on stereo sound to the headset from the TV while the rest of the world still hears it at a civilised level. The device also has microphones to prevent the wearer being cut off from seasonal family banter – and some theatres and concert halls apparently have the same infrared amplification system, so you can use the apparatus in public too.

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