Harman Kardon Onyx

A high-spec wireless speaker that packs a powerful punch

Image: Hugh Threlfall

We have previously featured the transparent, tubby but gorgeous – yet oddly retro – Aura wireless stereo speaker from US maker Harman Kardon. This is the Aura’s bigger sibling, Onyx – a higher spec, more powerful version of Aura, with a smart leather-clad back.


Some will find Onyx’s design less loveable – although, unlike Aura, it can work away from mains electricity, which is a major plus. Physically, the Onyx design is not all that stable, but while the Aura is perfect for a desktop or kitchen work surface, the Onyx is definitely one to have in a living room – if you’re happy with a one-point stereo, rather than the separated sound of a traditional two-speaker setup, this does the job more than amply. The sound has the clarity and freshness of the Aura but on a bigger scale – and the Aura is pretty impressive – thanks to engineering that is refined and assured. The Onyx is also powerful, at 65W, and because of the weight of engineering involved in producing that (2.7kg), the carrying handle makes sense.

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