Amphion desktop sound system

A sophisticated desktop hi-fi with a superb sound

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a proper job and can work with music playing, but desktop sounds are almost as important to me as a main hi-fi system. For my desk, I normally use a one-box Meridian F80, fed by my Mac’s iTunes. The Meridian has a way of sounding as though it’s two much more widely spaced speakers. I’m amazed by its spatial sound.


However, this desktop system from Finnish manufacturers Amphion and Nuforce has given me something to think about. It comprises a tiny but sophisticated amplifier and two wonderfully solid speakers in cases of a pleasing composite material. The sound is superb: chunky, precise, confident. And having one speaker either side of the Mac is a treat. The speakers are engineered for listening at close quarters – and you can tell. I have to say that at 259mm x 132mm x 220mm per speaker, you need a big desk not to feel crowded out by them, though.

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