Vertu Constellation

A Vertu phone that begs to be used, not just admired

Image: Hugh Threlfall

If you have a Vertu fan among your loved ones, the latest Constellation model will solve your Christmas-gift problems at a stroke. And in the case of this beautiful phone, you really will be stroking it. It’s the moment Vertu has finally produced a phone I would use, rather than just admire.


This Constellation has many serious virtues. Chief among these, for me, are the exquisite balance and feel. I’m reluctant to take up Vertu’s style of calling it an “instrument”, but it kind of is, with subtle touches, including a luminous call button on-screen, a snappy action for changing Sims, a near-unbreakable, unscratchable sapphire-glass screen and slick functionality.


But Vertu is (sorry to seem pretentious) a lifestyle as well as a device. And the upgraded concierge service you get thrown in – all right, gently and decorously lobbed in – is no gimmick. The feature I would appreciate most is the location-specific free temporary membership of the best private members’ clubs wherever you happen to be. That has actual monetary value, even if “value” is perhaps missing the point a bit with Vertu.