Whatever your ‘optimal personal hydration’ is, this device claims to help you to achieve it

Anyone know the latest theory on drinking water? No, I don’t, either. I was under the impression that we all drank too little H2O, which is why everyone started going round suckling on bottles like toddlers. Then reports began appearing that we drink too much water and the whole “hydration” thing is a scam got up by the bottled-water industry. Who knows?


But if you are convinced you need to monitor your hydration, this water bottle will help you maintain scientific, pseudo-scientific, whatever, scrutiny over your intake. The HydraCoach will calculate your “personal-hydration needs”, track consumption and “motivate you to achieve and maintain optimal hydration”. Glad to see the blurb doesn’t just talk about dehydration, but also hyponatremia – overhydration.