A remarkably elegant and simple digital signature system

Image: Hugh Threlfall

It’s odd that the act of signing documents exists at all in the digital age, but it’s one old-world habit that refuses, seemingly, to die. Signing digitally is more polar-bear friendly and the rest of it, but the only system I had tried (Agreement Express by Recombo; was a bit clunky and Windows-esque for my liking – until this new iPad and iPhone app came along.


Softsign, which, amazingly, is free at the moment, allows you to sign PDF documents on screen with a finger or stylus, and then email them directly from the app – eliminating the need to print, sign and scan documents. The signatures are legally binding, and it’s a remarkably elegant, simple process. When being environmentally correct coincides with convenience and low costs (currently, no cost, but this won’t be forever), you just know a product is going to be a hit. Softsign also offers the option to back-up documents to Evernote (note-taking software). It’s currently for Apple devices only, but an Android tablet version is promised for 2012.