Revo Heritage radio

It’s retro on the outside, but thoroughly modern on the inside

Things have come to a pretty pass when items lovingly described as “retro” look, to your eye, pretty normal, or even modern. So when this not-so-wee Scottish radio was proclaimed by all and trendy to be one of the most desirable objects on the planet and praised especially for its retro-ness, I was taken aback.

The Revo Heritage looks nice, but why is it being seen as a triumph of post-postmodernist retro chic? It’s like the radios I had in the, er, 1960s. Ah, maybe that’s it.


Anyway, it is certainly modern on the inside, offering DAB, DAB+, FM and wi-fi internet radio, as well as wireless audio streaming and docking for the iPod – which is all jolly dee if you don’t mind it happening in glorious 7-watt mono. In practice, it’s a bit fiddly, but you soon get used to it.

Don’t think I’m carping, though; the Heritage has more than a touch of class. It’s a very fine, classically British product made of good brushed aluminium and real walnut or black oak veneer. Commendable.


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