Blackberry Playbook

If you like BlackBerry products, you’ll probably love this

Image: Hugh THrelfall

If you can’t look at an iPad or any of its fellow 10in “tablets” without seeing its potential as a one-person tea tray, you’re probably a natural for the 7in form of keyboard-less computer, originally seen last year in the superb Samsung Galaxy Tab, much copied thereafter, and now being taken to a different level in this handsome BlackBerry PlayBook.


Let me emphasise the positive first. It’s delightful to hold and watch. It has a chunky, solid feel, a super-quick brain, a great display of an optimum size and a superb rubbery back so it doesn’t slip like an iPad does. An overall feeling of quality and reliability, then.


After that, it gets less good. First off, you can’t use it to make phone calls. (This is reportedly being fixed.) Second, the PlayBook name is misleading, unless your idea of play is projecting business presentations via the device’s laudable HDMI output. Third, the PlayBook has relatively few apps. But BlackBerry lovers may like it.