Monster PowerCard

A portable power boost for iPhones and iPads

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Reader Richard Naish wrote from Nottingham to say that he bought the Nomad ChargeCard I featured in March. “Is it my speed-reading,” he asked, “that made me think it was a card that charged up my iPhone, when, in fact, it is a charge cable shaped as a card?” I had to say his speed-reading was, indeed, to blame. He responded graciously and appreciated the Nomad anyway. But for those who are looking for a credit-card-sized portable iPhone charger, such a gadget has just plopped onto my desk, from headphone maker Monster.


The PowerCard is a handy device delivering 1,600mAh of power from its lithium-ion battery – enough for a full smartphone charge. It’s less than half the thickness and weight of the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation I carry when I’m out all day and expect my iPhone or iPad to need an afternoon pick-me-up. Granted, the Mophie has more power, but if you like to travel light you will appreciate the Monster’s svelte proportions. Sadly, though, for those hoping to keep pocket or handbag junk down by partnering the PowerCard with the ChargeCard, for arcane technical reasons, the two won’t work together.

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