Nomad ChargeCard

A handy little phone charger that’s the size of a credit card

Image: Hugh Threlfall

It is mildly surprising that battery life is still an issue with technology. However, it’s not a tragedy or a disgrace, as you’ll hear frustrated phone owners say it is when they’ve basically been ditzy about charging their device. A phone is a pocket communicator and computer beyond anything envisioned in the past by science-fiction writers, so I think such a powerful little machine is entitled to need refilling regularly with electricity.  


Nonetheless, for women who want to keep their handbag load to a minimum or men who would ideally go around town with no baggage other than a wallet, carrying a phone topper-upper such as a Mophie is a nuisance and keeping a charger lead to go with it is almost unconscionable.


This device, the ChargeCard, is a rubbery credit-card-like USB charging lead that lives in your wallet or bag, taking up minimal space and, as its form dictates, never getting tangled. A successful Kickstarter crowdfunding project, it comes with either a Micro USB connector for Android devices, an Apple Lightning one for recent iPhones or a 30-pin connector for older Apple phones. The maker, Nomad, also produces an even more compact version called ChargeKey, which hooks onto a keyring.

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