Tivoli Audio Albergo+

Wake up to an easy-to-use clock radio with Italian-inspired good looks

Image: Hugh Threlfall

One of the cutest pieces of technology I own is a 1959 Italian portable tape recorder, the Geloso G256, that I bought from a junkyard in Penzance. You can do a Google Image search to appreciate some of the Geloso’s design beauty, but you still won’t see it in the stunning (and, I suspect, rare) deep-blue colour I have it in.


The blue that Tivoli Audio’s founding CEO Tom DeVesto chose for his latest bedside clock radio is more like a midsummer Tuscan sky, but the radio’s Italian-inspired design flair – also reflected in its name, Albergo+ – did bring my old Geloso to mind. As the name also suggests, it is aimed partly at kitting out hotel bedrooms stylishly. There is little more depressing than arriving in an expensive room to find an ancient clock radio, too complicated to learn to use for just a night or two, and with only an old-fashioned 30-pin iPhone connector.


With Albergo+, you don’t need a manual to set the alarm, and to play music from your own devices you connect simply via Bluetooth. This, of course, also makes Albergo+ perfect for your own bedside or for guest rooms. The sound is mono but superb, as with all Tivoli products – though if you prefer, you can buy a matching extension speaker for fine stereo, as well as a range of wooden jackets to make the Albergo+ look more classic.

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