Geneva Model L

A mighty blast of wireless stereo from more than just a speaker

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Lately there’s been a trend away from all-in-one stereo systems towards more traditional two-point versions that have a pair of speakers properly separated by a metre or two of air. But if you still want a one-point set-up for aesthetic or other reasons, this 100-watt Bluetooth/CD player/FM radio Model L, from Swiss maker Geneva, is one mighty box – maybe the mightiest around (apart from its even bigger brothers, the £1,800 XL and the £2,500 XXL).


The sound from the Model L is sweet yet incredibly powerful, with a notably grown-up and old-school gramophone-like quality. In spite of proprietary DSP technology, which is designed to widen the audio, the distinction the L provides is, for me, a little subtle, and at times you may not be quite sure if it really is stereo.


However, this doesn’t matter a lot, because it’s a big, high-quality sound anyway, and the thing looks amazing, adorned (as are all Geneva products) with its trademark 1970s-style red LEDs – which glower magnificently through the metal grilles – and wonderful touch controls. In white, the L bears an uncanny resemblance to a microwave, but there are other colours. Also, for the kind of fashion-conscious buyer this is aimed at, there’s a lovely one-stalk floorstand.

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