AlcoSense Elite pocket breathalyser

This could be the device that comes between you and a night in the cells

I’m sure some people would regard carrying your own breathalyser in the car as a bit OTT, yet at this time of the year, even when you’re being careful, it’s not hard to end up perilously close to a pair of handcuffs, a night in the cells and a driving ban. One of the problems is that it’s possible to be over the limit 12 or more hours after a seasonal session.


The Alcosense Elite is an update of a classic that’s been around for a couple of years now, as you might be able to tell by the on-pack endorsement by, er, Stirling Moss. The Alcosense looks like an extremely old-fashioned phone, but works a treat. Well worth keeping in the glove pocket, especially for those iffy morning-after drives.