Nike+ SportWatch GPS

A distractingly good gadget that takes the tedium out of running

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Most tedious activities can be made tolerable with a bit of gadgetry, and running is one of the most tedious. The boredom, combined with several different levels of extreme discomfort, plus in my case the threat of a coronary, make it the most paradoxical of “healthy” pursuits.


Also, I have yet to understand why my “get fat to get fit” health regime is perversely dismissed as “cheating”. Lifting weights and moving them about is good for you, right? So if you have a built-in weight around your middle, which you carry around with you all day, that has to be even better for you, no?


Anyway, this joint venture between Nike and TomTom is a most desirable, stylish (almost) way to make running fun… sort of. Using the Nike+ shoe sensor and TomTom’s GPS, it provides enough techie displacement activity for you to forget that you’re having a miserable time. It will store routes, help you to challenge friends, set goals and review runs. There can be a delay latching onto the satellites, but the shoe sensor will track you while the GPS sorts itself out.

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