The global personal WiFi hotspot that slashes roaming costs

Image: Hugh Threlfall

In June, I introduced Globalgig, a global personal WiFi hotspot that slashed roaming costs by more than 90 per cent. (The company is going well and I’ll be talking about more of its products next year.) I’ve become a huge fan of the global hotspot idea, especially as I get increasingly suspicious of public WiFi in places like hotels and coffee shops – a personal 3G or 4G hotspot is far less hackable.


Goodspeed is a competing device to Globalgig, made in Finland, where they know a thing or two about mobile communications. It is almost as big as a smartphone, and instead of one universal SIM, it carries up to nine for different countries. I’ve used it in Germany, the US and China and achieved up to 10Mbps, which is faster than Globalgig. Coverage, however, is not yet as extensive as the latter’s. The Goodspeed ecosystem and tariffs also take some studying. Basically, on top of the device cost, there’s a €9.90 monthly fee plus €5.90 a day for data, but different regional charges and varying data limits for each price band complicate things. Bear in mind it won’t power up from your laptop, so you’ll need to use the dedicated charger. But overall, this is an estimable technology that could save you thousands of pounds a year and provide added security, too.

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