LG Pocket Photo

A pocket-size printer that can develop smartphone snaps in 45 seconds

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Photo booths as a party attraction were trendy and innovative a couple of years ago, now perhaps less so. This cute little gadget from one of the less mainstream divisions of the South Korean electronics giant LG could be the photo booth’s more portable successor. Prints have become a novelty of late, and people more used to on-screen snapshots love them. So the LG Pocket Photo connects by Bluetooth to Apple and Android phones via the inevitable app, and prints out sweet little wallet-sized glossy prints, like a DIY Polaroid camera.


A solid little machine about as big as an oversized pack of cards, but dense and purposeful at a weight of 212g, the Pocket Photo is kind of goofy, but endlessly entertaining – as long as you have enough packs of its special zero-ink paper, “Zink”, available to keep your guests happy. It has a simple setup that prints images over 45 seconds, rather like a small oblong animal gradually poking its tongue out, but everyone I showed it to thought it was both cool and charming. This was a gadget I had ignored when it arrived and only started delightedly playing with the day before it had to go back. A neat, back-to-basics take on Instagram.

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