High-Tech Bridge ImmuniWeb Security Assessment

Online Fort Knox-style protection from a crack team of “ethical hackers”

I’ve been learning about online security, and if three themes emerge, they are firstly that hackers are almost certainly trying to get into your business’s website now; secondly, they no longer do it just to prove they can – hacking today is an organised criminal business for monetary gain; and thirdly, a large number of businesses don’t recognise the threat and don’t do much to prevent it until after disaster strikes.


What a business needs to secure itself against hackers is a trusted ex-hacker. Geneva company High-Tech Bridge was founded by a former teenage Ukrainian hacker, 26-year-old Ilia Kolochenko. He has recruited the best of the best, who work from Russia, Israel and the US. Its new ImmuniWeb Security Assessment, 12 hours of automatic and manual penetration testing, is done online. Kolochenko’s crack geeks have gone through a lot of hoops to be accepted as bona fide “ethical hackers” and their reports have hugely impressed sceptical web developers I know. It could be a business lifesaver.