Lomography Smartphone Scanner

A retro cool appcessory for taking sfilm negatives into the digital age

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I always like to keep a eye on Lomography, the cool Austrian photography brand that has made slightly rubbish photos a cult craze when Hipstamatic and Instagram were still an over-saturated, not-entirely-sharp twinkle in their inventors’ eyes. Few people now remember that Lomography was originally a Soviet make, whose USP was that its film cameras had a (non-ironic) plastic lens and took over-saturated, not-entirely-sharp pictures.


When you unbox this appcessory, the Lomography Smartphone Scanner, you might think for a moment that it’s 1970 again and Mr Brezhnev is back in his Zil limo. Its build quality, even under Austrian management, is still distinctly Soviet. But avoid being put off, because it’s a perfectly good precision instrument for scanning old 35mm film negatives – colour as well as black and white – onto your smartphone (Apple or Android) and then editing, archiving and sharing them, or whatever you will. Then, when your fashionable friends congratulate you on the ironic rubbishness of the images you’ve just tweeted, you can out-retro them by explaining all about the joys of old-school film.

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