Putting animation into the hands of mere mortals

Animation is humungous these days, and a well-timed animated short that hits YouTube carrying a commercial, political – or just entertaining and mischievous – message can go viral in no time. Creating your own animations, however, sounds ambitious and complicated; if I live to be 500, I guarantee I will never do it. But this new British software, Moviestorm, is (relatively) easy to use and is already helping aspiring animated filmmakers do what used to require roomfuls of highly skilled animators.


Moviestorm enables you to generate characters based loosely (or not so loosely) on real people, using their photos, and thus create lifelike actors for your films. So if you want to turn someone into a Halloween zombie from their photo, you’ll find all you need in Moviestorm. You can invent your own people, too, to an extraordinary degree of detail. And if playing God palls, you can press random buttons to generate original characters – which is probably what the Big Guy Upstairs does, anyway. And you can do the same with sets, backgrounds, everything.