Shure SE535 sound-isolating earphones

Some say that these are the best sound-isolating earphones ever made

These in-ear headphones from Shure have been gracing my shell-likes of late, and they are some of the best on the market. They replace Shure’s 530 model, which has been around for a few years now – the best testament to a great product.

The 535s are noise isolating – and not noise cancelling, which is a different thing. These cut out noise by sealing off your ears to outside sound, which I prefer as I find noise-cancelling headphones, which electronically combat noise, set up a weird pressure in my head. The 535s also have a detachable cable for each earbud, which is potentially useful if you snapped a wire.


Audio-wise, they are simply beautiful – as they should be for £429. I see some serious audio reviewers are calling them the best sound-isolating model ever. They have, within their tiny sculpted form, two woofers and a tweeter. The result will surprise you: the bass is deep and macho, but not artificially so, while the tweeters will have you hearing nuances of even familiar music you will swear you never heard before.

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