Hippih hipKey

A neat little gadget to keep track of keys, phones, wallets – even children

Image: Hugh Threlfall

The famous head-transplant conundrum came to mind when I saw this impressive new losing-stuff alarm. If your head is transplanted onto a body that’s no longer being used – a procedure that has been under discussion at the wackier kind of medical school for years – is this a body transplant or a head transplant? Yes, think about it.


When you’ve done so, try to work out whether the Bluetooth hipKey – a solidly made metal and plastic disc less than 1cm thick and 5cm in diameter, and with both a proximity and a movement sensor aboard – is a device for warning you if you’ve lost your phone or your keys, or just lost the hipKey itself. The answer is, it’s all of the above. It will bleep and buzz if it’s separated (up to an estimable 50m) from your iPhone or iPad. You can also attach it to a wallet. Or a child. Or a dog. If you lose any of the above, you can locate the hipKey using your iPhone. In fact, the more you think about it, the more mind-spinningly adaptable it is.


The hipKey is, of course, yet another appcessory – a gadget that works in conjunction with a free app – of the type I have waxed lyrical about on Technopolis TV. And it is a very nice and useful one indeed.