Evertek Double SIM mobile phone

A mobile phone that could make travelling less complicated

Mobile phones with two SIMS are hugely popular in many parts of the world (Work phone/Personal phone, Number for Wife/Number for Mistress…), but it was only while browsing through the Retail Therapy magazine on a Virgin Atlantic flight that I found a dual-SIM phone on offer to UK buyers. To be accurate, you have to be travelling out of or towards the UK on a Virgin or BA flight to take delivery of the neat, useful Evertek Double SIM mobile phone.


The Evertek comes from a Tunisian company – which is a first here – and has an English and Arabic keyboard to show for it. My test model was slightly cranky, to be honest. It had a few odd habits, only a modest battery life and an occasional reluctance to accept some types of UK SIM. Its functionality isn’t going to give Apple or Nokia restless nights, but once I got it working in China with an Orange SIM in one slot and a China Mobile in the other, I became rather fond of it. It’s unusual and makes travelling slightly less complicated. So not at all bad.