Carbon Audio Zooka

Enhance the sound of your iPad with this chic wireless speaker bar

Carbon Audio Zooka, about £75
Carbon Audio Zooka, about £75 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I’m ever so slightly in love with this Bluetooth wireless speaker bar for iPad and – at a push, if you wedge it on top of the screen – MacBook Air. The Zooka, as it’s called, might make your Air topple over if there’s not a wall behind it but, as an iPad accessory, it’s really clever. The bar coddles the tablet firmly and, thanks to a metal support that you can screw in, transforms it into an excellent stand.


An early Kickstarter project (see for info on this interesting and increasingly high-profile business model), Zooka, which comes in nine colours, is beautifully designed and made from a squidgy type of silicone rubber that makes it feel heavy duty and confidence inspiring. To be completely honest, the sound quality from the speakers at either end of the bar isn’t fantastic. If it were better, I’d extol the Zooka’s virtues at greater length, as it would turn the iPad into a practical and stylish music centre for home or hotel room. But as it is, it’s a great companion for an app, such as my beloved Tunein Radio.