Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200

A one-box wonder of a stereo system

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I apologise for going all superlative lately, but to accompany the best TV ever, this Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 is, for me, the best one-box stereo ever (the 100w version is also superb) – apart from the Meridian F80 (sadly no longer made), which was really a CD player.  


I used the handsome 200 for a few weeks in a hi-fi-free New York apartment and it’s the best argument I’ve heard (aside from the more complex Sonos) for not having any other sound system. Its richness and power is glorious, as loud as hell without distortion, with a sharp top end and a big bass. Having ditched the outmoded notion of a plug-in iDevice dock for an all-wireless machine, the London-designed Minx Air is primarily meant for AirPlay. There are advantages to this (particularly for using internet radio), but I was blissfully happy with the easy-to-set-up Bluetooth.

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