Brookstone WiFi Portable Document and Photo Scanner

Creating electronic copies of photos and files on the go

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I seem to have been searching for about a quarter of a century for a hand-held, portable scanner capable of sucking up documents and photos on the hoof and storing them on a laptop. I’ve tried a few over the years, and each time thought I’d found The One, but none has been quite the ticket.


This, which I picked up in a Brookstone store in the US, is the closest I’ve come. In a few seconds, it scans documents or photos of up to A4 size that you pass it across (with settings for various qualities) and pings the resultant PDFs or JPGs to a waiting PC, Mac, tablet or phone by WiFi – that is the clever bit, eliminating as it does the need to carry yet more black leads in your work bag. It comes with optical character recognition software for PC only – if you want your Mac to turn your scanned PDFs into text, you’ll need a program such as the PDF Converter Pro from the Mac App Store (£28).

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