A little speaker that makes mega noise

The Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation is a superb companion to its one-box bigger brother

Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Gen, £749
Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Gen, £749 | Image: Peter Crane

If you loved Naim’s beautiful and loud-as‑heck Mu-so 2nd Generation music player that I featured in October, but would like to do the multiroom thing with the same stellar standard of kit, there’s now a brilliant, smaller, satellite version, the 2nd gen Qb. 

A 21cm cube with Naim’s statement “ship’s wheel” control knob on top, the Qb looks tiny but packs almost as big a punch as its £1,299 big brother. The bigger Mu-so can be hooked up to multiroom with as many as five Qbs, or you could just have five standalone Qbs dotted around the house.

The compact Mu-so Qb has Naim’s statement “ship’s wheel” control knob on top
The compact Mu-so Qb has Naim’s statement “ship’s wheel” control knob on top | Image: Peter Crane

With an array of speakers, including as big a downward-firing bass driver as possible, 300 watts of serious spatial sound and as many streaming options as you could want, the little Qb is a pretty superb player in its own right.

As with any music player, I would keep things simple and just subscribe to Tidal for CD-plus quality streamed music direct from WiFi to the machine; then Bluetooth from your phone or tablet anything that’s not on Tidal. But, whatever your streaming bag, the Qb will comfortably accommodate.


There’s also a variety of different coloured speaker panels so if the black box look doesn’t suit, you can colour-coordinate with your home.



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