Eight of the best podcasts to listen to

Study up on anything from natural wines to entrepreneurship with these personally recommended podcasts

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Mimi Thorisson

“The podcast I’m listening to is Joe Campanale’s In the Drink. He’s such a nice, passionate guy and has particularly special knowledge of natural wines, which is something I’d love to learn more about.” audioboom.com

Lauren Cuthbertson

“The podcast I’m listening to is the episode of Desert Island Discs with Jacqueline du Pré, the virtuoso cellist. It includes everything from Franz Schubert’s String Quintet in C Major to Mozart’s La Bella Tua Zerlina Non Può from Don Giovanni. Spectacular.” bbc.co.uk

Melissa Morris

“The podcast I’m listening to currently is How I Built This by NPR. It’s about entrepreneurs and the companies they’ve made. It can often feel lonely and scary to chart a new path and to be responsible for so much, so listening to other people’s stories has been helpful. It’s a reminder that there is no straight and narrow route to success.” npr.org

BJ Fogg

“I listen to Sapiens – an audiobook history of humankind – or maybe Kara Swisher’s Pivot podcast, and walk to Makena Landing to watch the turtles.” podcasts.apple.com


Anicka Yi

“The podcast I’m listening to is Future Thinkers. It’s about new technologies, but it’s primarily philosophy-based – about how these big ideas are impacting our civilisation. It’s hosted by these two young tech renegades.” futurethinkers.org

Alice Archer

“My favourite app is Podcast Player – I like the New York Times podcast Modern LoveThe High Low with Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, who give news updates from a female perspective; and Esther Perel, whose Where Should We Begin? is based on her counselling sessions with couples.” estherperel.comnewyorktimes.compodcasts.apple.com.

Jamie Ritchie

“I’d love to be the sort of person who has a lie-in at the weekend, but I’m usually up by 7am whether I like it or not. I’ll check my emails and then go for a run in Central Park. I often listen to a podcast – Desert Island Discs or the FT’s Start-Up Stories – both programmes about engaging people doing interesting things.” bbc.co.ukft.com

Simon Rawlings

“Driving back to London I listen to a podcast – something like This American Life.” thisamericanlife.org


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