Smartech’s state-of-the-art new base at Selfridges

Eight futuristic finds, from a silent and speedy e-scooter to the world’s first app-connected telescope

Smartech’s new 200sqm space can be found on the ground floor of Selfridges
Smartech’s new 200sqm space can be found on the ground floor of Selfridges

Since 2016, Smartech has been enticing tech-savvy consumers with its impressive array of futuristic gadgets and gizmos. Now the experience-led concept store has expanded into a brand-new premises on the ground floor of Selfridges’ London store.  

The 200sq m space designed by Robert Storey (who’s previously masterminded retail designs for PradaHermès and Off-White) showcases 80 carefully curated products – from the world's first robotic bar system (£170,000) to a machine that can imprint your face on an espresso martini (£3,700). Here are eight products that best sum up this forward-looking collision of technology, culture, sport and art.

AER 557, £2,699 

A high performance e-scooter powered by a silent, gearless, direct drive 500w hub motor from the receiver of Eurobike’s 2019 Start-Up Winner Award. 

The space showcases 80 curated cutting-edge products
The space showcases 80 curated cutting-edge products

Meural, £829 

30,000 works of art for a 16in x 24in or 19in x 29in digital screen. 

Waterlight Graffiti, POA

A surface made up of thousands of LEDs that are illuminated by contact with water, allowing the user to treat it as an electrical canvas.

Vaonis Stellina, £5,000

The world’s first app-connected telescope. After automatically locating a chosen target, the robotic device can present an uninterrupted view of the stars and skies on the user’s smartphone in a matter of seconds. 


La Luer Mira, £555

Four treatments (Detox, Tone, Lift and Infuse) in one non-invasive facial device. By employing LED, microcurrents, ultrasonic waves, heat, ion therapy and sonic pulsations, Mira claims to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Opkix, £599

Dubbed as the “official camera of fun people”, Opkix comes with an array of wearable mounts – from a pair of sunglasses to a ring – that enable the owner to record, edit and share images and video. 

Qwerkywriter, £349

Fashioned to look and feel like an old-fashioned typewriter – complete with a carriage return lever – the Qwerkywriter can be attached to a phone, tablet or laptop. 


Segway Drift W1, £499

Self-balancing e-skates that can travel up to 7.5mph (that’s twice as fast as walking). Weighing just 3.5kg per skate, they are completely portable and provide 45 minutes of gliding time.

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