The travel plug adaptor tailored to the latest tech

The OneAdaptr OneWorld is a nifty travel plug that works in pretty much every country in the world

OneAdaptr OneWorld, from £30
OneAdaptr OneWorld, from £30 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Back in 2016, I featured a brilliant universal travel plug adaptor, Twist, from Hong Kong company OneAdaptr. I have used Twist all over the world since, and love it. One of mine fell apart after I dropped it, and I was amazed the see the amount of electronics inside such a seemingly simple, mostly mechanical device. Now, OneAdaptr has done the Twist again, but this time it’s called OneWorld: it is less bulky and more up-to-date electronically.

There are two OneWorld models, but the one I’ve been using is the more expensive one (£38), the OneWorld PD, which, aside from working in pretty much every plug in the world, suits my needs. It allows for a regular mains plug, three USB plugs and a USB-C, so I can use it to charge my MacBook without bringing the Apple charger on a trip. 


The OneWorld is also safer – both models have an electronic cutout that kicks in if you overload the adaptor. One quirk. The design actually out-clevers itself; it’s so cunningly designed that if you use it in mainland Europe, you need a very small extra bit (World to Europe adapter, £3.85). I could use an entire page explaining why, but when you order it, be sure to buy the second EU part. It’s still the mother of all travel essentials for me, though.



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