An air-cleaning Dyson fan that’s a personal triumph

Dyson embraces small is beautiful with its new compact, air-cleaning Pure Cool Me fan

The Dyson Pure Cool Me, £299
The Dyson Pure Cool Me, £299 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Nowadays, Dyson is keen to be seen less as a maker of vacuum cleaners and more as an all-round health company. So air purifying is its big growth area. This “personal” device – for which read much smaller than Dyson’s previous fan offerings – could be just what you’re looking for to keep cool at your desk during these summer days, when pollen adds to the general detritus in urban air. The Pure Cool Me is especially suitable if you find that desk or bedside fans that direct air straight into your face just dry your eyes; with Pure Cool Me, you can precisely aim the air stream to cool you without blasting straight into your face.


The fact that the Pure Cool Me is doing its cooling with air scrubbed of pollen and allergens, bacteria and mould spores, VOCs and ultrafine particle pollution is also an attractive sell. Dyson positions the Pure Cool Me as a table-mounted machine, but to me it’s a bit bulky for raised surfaces, and I’ve had rather more success with it, both in my office and by my bed, as a floorstanding fan, wafting that purified air refreshingly up towards me.


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