The digital notepad where you write… on paper

Royole’s RoWrite will translate your doodlings into a digital document to which you can then add colour

Royole RoWrite, £129.99
Royole RoWrite, £129.99 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Early last year, I featured the ReMarkable paper-imitating notepad from Norway and am now an enthusiastic user. A year earlier, I looked at the Montblanc Augmented Paper system, which marries digital paper to a nice Montblanc pen.


Now the new and ambitious Chinese-Californian tech player Royole has this, the RoWrite, which the ever-watchful and discerning Smartech store in Selfridges is stocking. The RoWrite is a nice variant on the digital notepad, especially if you use these systems for saving and sharing drawings rather than just scrawling notes and simple diagrams like me. You don’t write on a digital screen, but on a sheet of paper that you place over the RoWrite’s pressure-sensitive pad. The device translates the marks you make with the refillable ballpoint pen into a digital document and you can then add colour (81 pre-set shades) to whatever you’ve penned. You can also capture a video of a picture being drawn. When you pair your notes or drawings with a device, the content is communicated quickly and seamlessly, but when it’s not paired, all your work is saved to the RoWrite’s internal memory for future editing or sharing.