Light therapy for the jet-lagged

It may look like a Star Trek accessory, but the Ayo headset promises to wage war on jet-lag

Ayo, £299
Ayo, £299 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Ayo is a jet-lag-reducing (also energy-boosting and sleep-promoting), blue‑light-therapy, app-connected headset. Worn like a very thin pair of glasses, it shines an intense blue light not exactly into your eyes but above them. It’s not too distracting or uncomfortable. Let the Ayo app know the length of the flight you have just undertaken and it will determine how long the light needs to shine for and when you need to deploy the device.


Thirty years ago, when I started in consumer tech, there were an awful lot of products that beamed light into your eyes with promises of everything from meditative calm to lucid dreaming. It was, and remains, hard to assess rigorously whether such devices work. Besides which, I barely get jet-lag any more (an age thing, I think), so am not the ideal tester. But the science (chronobiology) of manipulating your brain’s response to time-zone shifts with therapeutic light is not wholly fringe, and I’ve read plausible reports from many who have used Ayo and swear it works.


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